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Company of Hafez Fiber Glass ..Have the ability to manufacture innovative and diversified products, offering a wide range of products and services complementary to the different needs and tastes, and the manufacture of modern, productive capacities of products using high last-edge modern technology to provide flexibility in production and economic scale and give priority quality in manufacturing by applying the highest standards of local and international standards by ensuring the selection of the best raw materials production to adopt the latest manufacturing and management methods of

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Our Mission …

Exceed the expectations of our customers to provide products and high-quality services and value, excellence in attracting and recruiting the best technical and managerial competencies, contributing to all businesses that are in favor of the society in which it operates in its surroundings, continuous growth

Our Vision …

Leadership in providing high-quality global Misc designs

Mobile Food Carts

Caravans administrative and houses ready

Security guard kiosks and

Swimming Pools

Aqua Park

Recent Work

We have gained the trust of our customers for excellence lasting our thrust credibility, innovation, price and appropriate perfection, quality and speed of implementation

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