About Us

Al Hafiz Fiber Glass Company is proud to offer a distinctive range of products with high strength and durability, such as containers, caravans, cabins, coffeemakers, mobile latrine cabins, guard kiosks, inspection rooms and water tanks. The company has gained the trust of its customers in its constant pursuit of excellence, Appropriate prices, proficiency, quality and speed of implementation

Which makes our products an ideal choice for multiple uses such as caravans and condominiums, mobile bathrooms, annexes, boards, mosques, temporary offices, chalets, utility rooms, sanitary facilities, guard units and meet all needs. We adhere to the international standard specifications for each product, The most skilled technicians, engineers and quality control specialists in the field, as well as raw materials imported from the largest international companies

Through the adoption of the company Hafiz fiber glass advanced technology including advanced technologies and research and development has been able to reach the leadership in the manufacture of fiberglass

Our Mission

We are looking for further progress in all aspects of fiber glass manufacturing and we are driven by the trust of our customers Our quality makes the difference and make sure we are your best choice

Aqua Park
Swimming Pools
Security Kiosks
Food Tracks
Water Tanks

Our Clients

We are proud of our customers and we are always happy to serve them and always offer them the latest products with the best raw materials

Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG)

The Arab Contractors

The Egyptian Olympic Clup

Our commitment

We are committed to providing the highest quality in every project and mission we take.

Our commitment is huge because the fiberglass industry is one of the most important industries in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We aim to contribute to supporting the Egyptian economy through our good quality products and exporting our surplus to the world. We seek exceptional customer service when you have questions about our products, We want to answer them immediately. We are committed to providing you with fast and accurate service every time.

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