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Retail outlets and restaurants Alfod Track

Made of the finest types of fiberglass and polyester sheets and slicked Alcading and insulating foam and wood stained MDF

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Types of sales outlets and Food Track

  • Restaurants and delegations Track fixed sale outlets
  • Restaurants and delegations Track semi-mobile outlets
  • Restaurants and Food Track mobile outlets
  • Sizes and design according to whatever the client’s choice demand

The entire body composition

  • First, the outer body is composed of fiberglass and polyester sheets and soft slicked of Alecobund
  • Second phase insulation between the outer and inner body is panels of foam insulation and heat colored plates, stainless
  • Third, the internal body composed of fiber glass and panels of Alkladenj and panels of wood

Caravan provider handling Aluminum nets Glass and Saj Electricity & Fiberglass flipflop

The entire composition of the floor

  • Of a Floor Is the  Chassis  by iron  Cans  Welded Boxes With Each :other In Accordance With The Industry ”s Assets
  • Cover the entire floor of wood paneling contras against water processor installed in the chassis of iron nails Safety Dril
  • Fully cover wood panels contras (sheets of fiberglass / panels of stainless steel / aluminum sheets / plates n sheet baklava)
  • The On a mounted of Port Chassis Provider With 2 Large a rear Kutch +  ‘ drop Mobile Number + 4 Quarak Bottom Of The Chassis To Lift The Caravan At Installation
  • Internal electricity provider connections approved loads and the invisible Decoration
  • SQL keys and Brize external Aochac of the finest species
  • Automatic separation of provider keys to maintain electricity + Lid headlamp lighting
  • complete plumbing points exchange water + basin exchange + basin stainless + water mixer heated and cool
  • Provider of water tank + tank drainage (on request) additional item
  • Storage provider n the inside wheels + inner shelves additional item on demand
  • Provider hanging ceiling inside a slab of fiberglass from the inside decor
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