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Grating Walkers

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Types of walkers

  • Walkers Jeritej general normal
  • Walkers Jeriting Ante fire-resistant fire
  • Walkers Anti Jeriting acid-resistant acid and alkali
  • Fiberglass material used for the armed of the strongest glass fiber that resists the highest tensile grades and bear maximum loads
  • Added by the most powerful chemicals that invented and manufactured specifically to interact and increase the strength of this fiber
  • Material manufactured polyester and vinyl ester and phenolic Resen that up to better and stronger materials that compete with iron and stainless steel
  • Characterized by force and walkers light weight compared Palmchayat made of iron and stainless steel
  • Easy cutting, installation, slip resistance and fire resistance
  • It is vulnerable to theft, where not re-manufactured again
  • Superman Custom
  • Walkers open size boxes openings 37 m thickness nerve 7 mm
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