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Swimming Pools

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Before considering to have swimming pool supplies Aref be regular swimming pools Injected concreted .. Btakhadd great time in the processing and de it is very expensive and pass on the stages of construction Ktarh .. iron arm to pour concrete to the ceramic coating and de is isolated and prevent leaking water Elly necessary thing for taking your mind very choise during the construction of the swimming pool at all levels and as a result of water leaking into the walls of the swimming pool or through the shoot water pipes .. Hespb increase in water bills and caused major damage to the infrastructure Menzl.rih your mind and buy content and Stay in swimming pools made of fiberglass from the Hafez fiber c Vegas we provide you the trouble of searching for safe swimming pool and a modern beautiful and not a suitable place, violin and Fernalk periodic maintenance of the swimming pool as possible spoke of the Keeper of Fiber Glass eih and know the proper swimming bath Lake

First: civil works (on request)

  • The company makes a dig at the site according to the dimensions of having an agreement by
  • The work of the concrete pouring of the floor and wall thickness of 25 cm
  • An oyster, a floor and walls

Second: works of fiberglass insulation and

  • Action layers of insulating materials such as CICA and Adde Bond shell for the floor and walls
  • Are several layers of glass fiber armed with glass fiber and polyester work
  • Are painted fiber material Jili natural – resistant Cote weather ( rain, heat, moisture, …… ..)
  • Whether the work is then allocated for the layer of pools epoxy Normal / 3D depending on the client ‘s request)
  • Multiple colors on demand

Third: Business Alkahrumika (pumps and filters)

  • The installation of motors for water in addition to sand filters, as well as units Askimr and pumps (to be determined by special bath) Sizes
  • Motors – pumps – Filters brand Hayward US industry USA
  • Headlamp lighting is installed inside the water 12 volt US brand Heyward (determined by the size of the bathroom)
  • The installation of the automatic control panel and network cables, electrical distribution panels and protection
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